Degrees and Certifications:

  • Mrs. Hancock Yearbook and STEM Class Schedule


    0 Period - 8th Grade Yearbook/STEM - 7:40AM to 8:25AM

    1st Period - 8th Grade STEM - 8:29AM to 9:14AM

    2nd Period - CONFERENCE - 9:18AM to 10:03AM

    3rd Period - 7th Grade STEM - 10:07AM to 10:52AM

    4th Period - 8th Grade STEM - 10:56AM to 11:41AM 


    5th Period - 7th Grade STEM - 12:15AM to 1:03AM

    6th Period - 8th Grade STEM - 1:07PM to 1:52PM

    7th Period - 8th Grade STEM - 1:56PM to 2:41PM

    8th Period - 7th Grade STEM - 2:45PM to 3:30PM

  - (979)532-6480(WJHS)



  • Tutorial Times:

    STEM Students may come in during their respective Lunch Period to work on STEM projects.

    STEM Students may also come in before school and after school when Mrs. Hancock does not have duty.


    Students must ask Mrs. Hancock at least 1 day in advance to come in during the above listed times.